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3 things you did not know about bananas

Bananas are a real miracle. Sweet and creamy, ideal for purchases between meals and are ideal for long-term maintenance of the figure. But besides this, bananas are species and other properties.

Cherry is a miracle for the treatment of diabetes

Cherry improves appetite, strengthens blood vessels and removes harmful substances from the body. This is shown in a recent study on the properties of cherry.

Scientists named the most healthy fruit

Scientists named the most healthy fruit. This juicy delicacy protects against cardiovascular diseases, strengthens the immune system and at the same time contains few calories.

Drink lemon water instead of tablets

Lemon contains 64% of the daily recommended dose of vitamin C, and also contains phytochemicals such as polyphenols and terpenes.

What kind of products are best for spring time.

Early spring - is not too joyful and easy time. But there are products which make it easier to survive until the summer.

Curious things about champagne

Champagne is one of the most consumed drinks for the New Year.

What products should not be stored in the refrigerator?

Generally, food products are better preserved at low temperature in a refrigerator. But it turned out that some products can not withstand cold and, in some cases, the refrigerator becomes a factor that makes their deterioration process faster.

The secret of tasty coffee

​If the hot chocolate tastes better in a cup of orange color, the coffee tastes better in a white cup. At least so say the experts who examine the relationship between color and taste.

Most products that are saturated, but do not add weight

When the first rays of sun have prompted you to go on a diet and you do not what to eat to feel full of energy, we recommend the following products..

Fruits and vegetables give optimism

Scientists and Harvard University researchers have made a new exciting discovery. Fruits and vegetables not only help to maintain a person in shape and improve your overall health, a few small servings of vegetables or fruit per day - is a reliable guaran

Rice helps to improve diet

Including of rice in a daily diet helps you reduce the risk of many diseases, including II Type diabetes, cardiovascular disorders and obesity.

Porridge - the elixir of life

Porridge has been considered a traditional meal for a long time. However, during recent years porridges were replaced from our diet with new trendy products: a variety of cereal flakes, chocolate bars, muesli.

Coffee: to drink or not to drink?

Psychologists have conducted an interesting experiment. They found that men and women behave completely differently after drinking a cup of coffee, which is one of their favorite drink.

5 products that you should eat in January

If you want to eat healthy food this year, you should start with the star product of the month. Even in the middle of winter, you can refill vitamins.

How to eat to stay young longer

There are a number of key products that should be present in the diet. Due to ingredients contained in them, they have a visible effect on the skin, which becomes more elastic and shiny, short, looks rejuvenated.

Barley porridge is rightly called the "porridge beauty"

Barley porridge is rightly called the "porridge beauty"

What products can be bought in different countries at $ 20

What products can be bought in different countries at $ 20

Tomato juice

To tomato juice it was not only delicious, but also the most rewarding, store it in a dark place. The fact that vitamin A light collapses.

Pumpkin weighing over 270 kg brought to Bostaniada

The largest pumpkin grown in Moldova was brought to Chisinau for being displayed at the fifth ethnic and gastronomic festival Bostaniada. This weighs over 270 kg and was grown by a man in his garden in Ratus village of Criuleni district.

Interesting facts about the dill

Essential oil of dill seeds, alcohol, oil, and carbon dioxide extracts are added to creams, colognes, and toothpaste.

Interesting facts about kvass

Until the XII century kvass in Russia was stronger and thicker modern beer. His strength could reach up to 8%.

Interesting facts about tea

There is a legend that the tea bush grew out of the ground abandoned century a Chinese saint who cut them off after fell asleep in prayer, and, angry at himself, he wanted that he never eyes closing ...