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"Supermarkets Nr1" network is currently one of the most popular in the city. Great location, wide range of products and high level of service attract buyers in supermarkets every day. More than eight thousand people visit shops of supermarket.


Nr1 is a chain of food supermarkets located in Chisinau, capital of Moldova. In 2016 there are 15 supermarkets with a total area of 25 thousand m2. 17 thousand m2 of them are owned by the company and the rest are leased for long term. Facilities covering an area of 8 thousand m2 are being designed and constructed.

Every day Nr1 supermarkets are visited by over 50 thousand people. The range in the largest store chain includes 30 thousand items. The company has 2 thousand employees: in stores, the wholesale department and production workshops.

Nr1 is exclusive distributor of 22 food brands such as: Parmalat, Nordic Seafood, Barilla, Zott, Hahne. The company imports thousands of tons of cargo annually

Nr1 serves 1,300 wholesale customers - hotels, restaurants, office centers. The company is also engaged in distribution in all retail chains of Moldova.

Nr1 supermarket chain is one of the most popular chains in Moldova, which is famous for its wide and sometimes unique assortment as well as for products of the highest quality.




One of the major
importers in Moldova


Big turnover


50 000+ visitors per day

and quality of products

Visit our stores and you will become our regular customer!

interesting fact
Bananas are a real miracle. Sweet and creamy, ideal for purchases between meals and are ideal for long-term maintenance of the figure. But besides this, bananas are species and other properties.
Cherry improves appetite, strengthens blood vessels and removes harmful substances from the body. This is shown in a recent study on the properties of cherry.
​If the hot chocolate tastes better in a cup of orange color, the coffee tastes better in a white cup. At least so say the experts who examine the relationship between color and taste.
There are a number of key products that should be present in the diet. Due to ingredients contained in them, they have a visible effect on the skin, which becomes more elastic and shiny, short, looks rejuvenated.
To tomato juice it was not only delicious, but also the most rewarding, store it in a dark place. The fact that vitamin A light collapses.
The largest pumpkin grown in Moldova was brought to Chisinau for being displayed at the fifth ethnic and gastronomic festival Bostaniada. This weighs over 270 kg and was grown by a man in his garden in Ratus village of Criuleni district.
Essential oil of dill seeds, alcohol, oil, and carbon dioxide extracts are added to creams, colognes, and toothpaste.

Interesting Facts