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What products should not be stored in the refrigerator?

Generally, food products are better preserved at low temperature in a refrigerator. But it turned out that some products can not withstand cold and, in some cases, the refrigerator becomes a factor that makes their deterioration process faster. 

Bread is one of those products that are in any case shouldn’t be stored in the refrigerator. The cold air will dry bread faster. The best option is to keep bread at room temperature, but even in these conditions - no longer than four days. If bread is too large, part of it can be frozen, thus avoiding the discharge of dried or moldy bread. 


Garlic also does not like the cold. There is no need to keep it in the refrigerator. For its storage  can be used any suitable dry place, for example, a shelf in the closet, but no longer than two months. The only requirement is that the closet has a good ventilation - it will keep garlic’s freshness longer. 

Spicy sauces

There is a stereotype that all sauces are best kept in the fridge. But in fact, most of them contain salt, vinegar and sugar, which are excellent preservatives. Spicy sauces can be stored in the closet up to three years. 


At low temperatures, potato starch is converted into sugar, and it changes the flavor of potatoes. It is best to store potatoes in a paper bag in the closet. Avoid plastic bags because they do not allow moisture to evaporate, and potatoes spoil. Also note that this product does not like low temperatures, even seven degrees Celsius can cause spoilage. 


Do not store tomatoes in the refrigerator, because the cold air converts them into something inedible. Tomatoes love the heat, so the more you keep them in the refrigerator, the more they deteriorate. Despite the fact that many people use frozen tomatoes for cooking and in salads, cold air gives them a strange taste. It is best to store tomatoes at room temperature, and they must be protected from direct sunlight. 


Onions are the basis of many dishes, and it certainly should not be stored in the refrigerator. The most appropriate method of storage is a net bag or a fabric, which allows air to circulate. Onions are best kept in a dark place, since it is easily exposed to light and changes its taste. By the way, do not forget that onions should not be stored next to the potatoes, which releases gases and moisture, contributing to the rapid deterioration of onions.


Many peolpe believe that this product is preserved better in the refrigerator. But refrigerated condensation affect the taste and quality of coffee. In addition, the coffee itself has a very strong smell, so it is likely that it will change the taste and smell of other foods stored in the refrigerator.