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Fruits and vegetables give optimism

Scientists and Harvard University researchers have made a new exciting discovery. Fruits and vegetables not only help to maintain a person in shape and improve your overall health, a few small servings of vegetables or fruit per day - is a reliable guarantee of good mood and a bright look into the future, according to Independent News.

This discovery made by scientists from Harvard School of Public Health Associations Julia Boehm. According to the research conducted by her optimism each person depends on the amount of fruits and vegetables, eat them every day. This study involved more than a thousand people aged 25 to 65 years, were asked to donate blood and to pass a little test.

After careful analysis, it turned out that people who eat at least three small servings of fruits and vegetables a day, had 10-15% more carotenoids in their blood than other people, and therefore more cheerful mood. Carotenoids are most commonly found in orange vegetables and fruits (oranges, tangerines, persimmons, carrots) and herbs (dill, parsley, sorrel, celery stalks).