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3 things you did not know about bananas

Bananas are a real miracle. Sweet and creamy, ideal for purchases between meals and are ideal for long-term maintenance of the figure. But besides this, bananas are species and other properties.

Stronger than energy drinks

"Forget about energy drinks, eat a banana", is a new dieticians advice. A study conducted on athletes and published in May this year found that those who collected a banana over a higher level of dopamine than those who chose an energy drink. That, the level of dopamine continues to grow and an hour after the banana was eaten. Bananas not only successfully replace energy drinks, but you can feel better.

The more stains on the skin, the more effective in fighting cancer

According to Japanese studies, a baked banana with spots on the peel produces a substance called TNF (tumor necrosis factor), which kills tumor cells. The darker the skin, the more powerful the anticancer properties and the strengthening of immunity.

Great for a hangover

And this is because bananas have a high potassium content. Eat a banana before going to bed or in the morning, immediately after awakening, and you will get rid of hangover syndrome.

Nutritionists recommend eating one banana every day.