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What kind of products are best for spring time.

Early spring - is not too joyful and easy time. But there are products which make it easier to survive until the summer.

The Dutch cheese. It is Leading by the content of tryptophan - a substance that participates in the synthesis of serotonin, which provides a good mood.

Fish. First of all, the protein, without which there can not be good immunity. Secondly, there also is enough tryptophan.

Kiwi. It is better than anything else in keeping of vitamin C. This is why kiwi is also called a can with ascorbic.

Chicken liver. Provides vitamins of group B. Lack of vitamin B can be a reason of strength decline and skin problems.

Sauerkraut. A simple and cheap source of vitamin C and potassium, which supports the work of heart.

Cereals. Can solve the problem with lack of vitamins B, along with a lack of energy.

Cocoa. One glass in the morning "will charge you" for half a day.