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How to eat to stay young longer

There are a number of key products that should be present in the diet. Due to ingredients contained in them, they have a visible effect on the skin, which becomes more elastic and shiny, short, looks rejuvenated.

So, have a rejuvenating effect:

Blueberries. Delicious and healthy blueberries contain high amounts of antioxidants, so important in the "struggle" against skin aging as the age, and because of the effects of the sun, regardless of the season.

Sesame seeds. They contain a large amount of calcium and minerals, such as iron, magnesium and phosphorus. Choose natural snacks based on sesame seeds or use in the preparation of salads sauce tahini created based on sesame seeds.

Chocolate. Yes, all right, dark chocolate, but not milk chocolate. Dark chocolate contains flavonoids - substances that improve blood circulation to the skin that gives the skin radiance and freshness. These substances have the ability to protect the skin from exposure to sunlight. This does not mean that you should overdo it with chocolate. The key is moderation!

Pomegranate seeds. They can be used in the preparation of desserts and salad, giving them a slightly sour taste. Pomegranate is useful because it acts against free radicals and helps to keep collagen in the skin.

Green tea. And, last but not the least, green tea, known for its antioxidant properties, thanks to the flavonoids that counteract aging of the skin, caused by, for example, smoking or other toxic substances. But it is better to drink green tea before 5:00 pm if you want to avoid sleep problems.