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Interesting Facts

Rice helps to improve diet

Including of rice in a daily diet helps you reduce the risk of many diseases, including II Type diabetes, cardiovascular disorders and obesity. Rice consumption also helps maintain balanced and healthy diet.

It was noted that people who often eat rice, eat more vegetables, seafood, poultry and prepared foods with more fiber, folate, potassium and iron. In addition, fans of Rice consume less foods with high quantity of sugar and saturated fats.

Rice is the basis of healthy eating in Asia and Mediterranean, say Iowa State University researchers. Including of this cereal in the diet helps to protect the health of major disease and leads to healthier food choices. Rice is relatively inexpensive product, so its purchase is not only useful but also affordable choice, experts say.

Review that included more than 35 THOUSAND people, showed that rice consumers receive nutrition of not more than 30% of calories due to fat, eating more grain products, vegetables and foods enriched with fiber. It is estimated that people who regularly consume rice, receive with food up to 4.5 grams(1 tsp) less fat daily and 3.3 grams less sugar. These numbers mean getting to 54 calories less per day, which will allow to lose almost three kilograms year .

According to American nutritionists, brown and white rice is a healthy source of complex carbohydrates, so its regular use helps reduce caloric of food, helps maintain normal weight and protect against major diagnoses.