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Coffee: to drink or not to drink?

Psychologists have conducted an interesting experiment. They found that men and women behave completely differently after drinking a cup of coffee, which is one of their favorite drink.

In the male population after drinking coffee logical thinking noticeably "slowed down" , the right decisions were made with great difficulty. Female sex, on the contrary, rose to the occasion, acting properly and quickly in an emergency situation.

Sixty-four people participated in this kind of testing. They were divided into couples of the same sex, and for each of them four test steps were destined. Tests included negotiations,  solving the puzzles, tests for memory and eventual public presentation of the results of these three assignments.

Before experiment started, half of the couples drank coffee. The other half had to be satisfied with the usual drink without caffeine.

Results of the study were interesting. Women who have consumed coffee, were able to collect puzzles almost by two minutes faster than the ladies who got a simple drink. Men struck by the fact, that after coffee they had difficulties with memory test, for the puzzles they spent twenty seconds more than their peers who drank no coffee at all.

So, with the help of this experiment was revealed that coffee acts on men negatively, dulling the mind. So before serious business meetings it should be abandoned. Women, by contrast, can consume a drink without any restrictions. Moreover, if they drink four cups of coffee daily, they will by protected against cervical cancer. This opinion is shared by Harvard scientists.

Experts believe that, during many years of drinking this amount of coffee every day, the threat of uterine cancer is reduced by twenty five percent.

Furthermore, if the quantity of coffee drink is two or three cups daily, the risk of depression becomes less by fifteen per cent, as compared with those who do not really like coffee.

There are some minuses of this wonderful drink too. British scientists have found that it contains almost as much calories as fast food.

Therefore, for overweight people, it is not recommended to drink to much coffee and, in addition, not to    Drink  it together with the cream, sugar, chocolate, and various balms.