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Opening a new store at bd.Decebal 139

September 01, 2016

New "Nr1" is now open at Botanica at Pr. Decebal 139. And yes, the new store also has baking and cooking department, which attracts citizens of Chisinau in "Nr1". By the way, did you know that in the preparation of goodies 40 people work every day? They get up every day at 5 am to appear in the kitchen so early that it's still dark outside. They fry, cook and bake all the culinary temptations that we see in the window. Most of all they are proud of the quality of bread and pastries. We spend a lot of time choosing Bakery equipment and finally chose industrial machinery Bongard. This company manufactures ovens and kneading machines since 1922.

How it was? Look at the photo gallery!