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How to choose high-quality "dairy"?

August 25, 2017

How to choose high-quality "dairy"?

In the supermarkets appeared dairy products with the logo Nr1: milk, cream, cheese, butter and ice cream. The first sign of the quality of these products is that it contains no vegetable fats.

Is it possible to have vegetable fats in dairy products?

Yes. Some producers, especially foreign ones, add vegetable fats to their products. Such products are cheaper. But vegetable fats worsen the taste and reduce the nutritional value of food.

All dairy products Nr1 are made only from milk. A butter contains 72,5% and 82.5% fat.

Stop! Is it possible to make milk not from milk?

No, but you can make a drink from milk powder. In winter, cows give less milk, so in the cold months there is a deficit. Some factories dilute milk powder in water and get "reconstituted" milk. Such milk contains less nutrients than fresh, but it is cheaper to produce.

Milk with the logo Nr1 all year round is made only from fresh milk. Such product is tastier and healthier.

Are dairy products Nr1 made in Moldova?

Yes, all suppliers of milk, cheese, cream and ice cream are in Moldova. Representatives of the supermarket chain regularly monitor compliance with technology.

Does the taste of a product affect quality?

Qualitative ingredients are always good to taste. Every time we choose a supplier, we conduct a "blind" tasting. 20 people try products of different suppliers without packaging and make estimates. Nr1 works with those plants whose milk received the most points.

What other products are produced under the brand Nr1?

In addition to dairy products, we produce 7 kinds of cereals, canned vegetables, seeds and corn sticks.