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Results of the Valentine's Day drawing 2019

February 15, 2019

A week ago we announced the beginning of the contest for Valentine's Day, and played 14 wonderful cakes of our own production!
This is how we want to celebrate the approaching Valentine's Day.

The winners were selected randomly on 13.02.2019 in a live broadcast via
Here you can see how it was.

And so, the owners of the most delicious cakes are:
 Anne Smith
Mariana Roman
Иван Лебедев 
Тиана Главацкая 
Елена Ромкович
Стася Хашима
Лида Беженарь Лупан
Viorel Boaghe
Даниелле Гн
Yasmin Mian
Елена Макаренко
Инга Григоревна Молаки
Natasa Panis
Леонида Думитрашку